Company profile

Raise the sail of science and technology, creat intelligent future

Tianjin Yteam technologyCo.Ltd. is a high-tech company with robots and intelligent manufacturingequipments as core products.The research team of the company is stronglysupported by the professors and teachers of mechanical engineering College ofTianJin University.The members of the team have pursued the robot researchesfor more than 30 years.The team has technical superiority based on years’practical experience,has completed a large number of domestic and foreign robotprojects,and has developed demostic leading techniques ofMechatronics-hydraulic integration.

The main business of thecompany covers the manufacture of crucial robot parts and integration ofsystems.Leading products covers light cooperative robot and hybrid robot.Involvesindustries covers 3C electronics,clothing, footwear industry,Spinning,logistics,Medical industry, 3D printing,buildingmaterials,aviation,aerospace,automobile and other industries.

Strategic partners:

    Jinsha river United Capital, Lenovo Venture Capital and GinkgoValley Capital have become our strategic partners.


R&D team:

    There are more than 40 members in Yteam R&D team, including3 professors, 4 associate professors, 4 doctors and 36 masters, 2 seniorengineers at professorial level, 5 senior engineers and 15 engineers.

Industrial base:

    Tianjin Yteam technology Co.Ltd. has four major industrialbases: Tianjin Nankai R&D and production base; Tianjin Jinghai productionand manufacturing base; Changzhou Science and Education City R&D andproduction base; Luoyang High-tech Zone R&D and manufacturing base.

Major projects and customers:

    Since the establishment of Tianjin Yteam technology Co.Ltd. theundertaking projects include the sales of Bright collaborative robots and theintegration of related systems, such as the intelligent palletizing system forrefractory materials of Houying Group, automatic palletizing manipulator,Siemens automatic packaging production line, BMW skylight assembly detectionline, truss palletizing robot system integration, intelligent manufacturingflexible production line, intelligent transportation system monitoring,clothing intelligence. Spraying and other intelligent manufacturing projects.The main customers include Siemens, BMW Group, Inalfa, Turk, Morsenal, SourceAluminum, Central Electronics, Magnesium Group, Leifa Group, Houying Group,Shanghai Hi-Point, FAW, Jingyuan Group and other well-known enterprises.

Enterprise value: Customer service, continuous innovation, win-win cooperation, integrity, the pursuit of excellence, social responsibility.

Enterprise mission: Committed to continuous innovation in robotics and intelligent assembly industry.

Enterprise vision: Benefit the future of mankind by applying intelligent technology.

Enterprise spirit: People oriented, teamwork and efficient operation.

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